Enhancing Student Retention, Engagement, and Wellbeing with Vygo

As higher education institutions increasingly prioritise student success and retention, many are turning to innovative online platforms like Vygo to provide students with comprehensive support and resources. Vygo connects students with a network of peer mentors, academic advisors, and mental health professionals to help them navigate the challenges of higher education and achieve their goals.

Research has demonstrated the significant impact that online student support ecosystems like Vygo can have on student success. For example, a study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics found that students who participated in peer mentoring programs were more likely to persist and graduate from their programs than those who did not. Another study by the University of California, Los Angeles found that students who received mentoring from peers and professionals reported higher levels of academic and personal satisfaction.

One key advantage of Vygo is that it provides students with a personalised support system that meets their unique needs and challenges. The platform matches students with mentors and advisors who have similar academic and career interests, ensuring that students receive tailored guidance and support. This personalised approach is proven to increase student engagement and motivation, leading to improved academic performance and retention rates.

In addition, Vygo's focus on peer mentoring has been shown to have a positive impact on student well-being. Research has found that peer mentoring programs can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness among students, and can promote a sense of community and connection on campus. By providing students with a supportive network of peers and professionals, Vygo can help students feel more connected and engaged with their institution, leading to improved mental health and well-being.

Another advantage of Vygo is its ability to track and analyse student engagement and success. The app's analytics tools provide institutions with valuable data on student behaviour and usage patterns, allowing them to identify areas where additional support or resources may be needed. By using this data to make informed decisions about student support, institutions can improve their retention and graduation rates and ensure that students receive the resources they need to succeed.

By providing personalised, peer-based support that promotes engagement, well-being, and success, platforms like Vygo can help Universities across the globe improve their retention rates and support student achievement.

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