Empowering Universities to Support Placement Students

At Vygo, we have worked closely with universities and gained valuable insights from our customers about their efforts in supporting placement students. Through this collaboration, we have discovered inspiring stories of universities going above and beyond to ensure the well-being and success of their students during placements. In this blog, we would like to share some of these experiences and shed light on the incredible ways our customers are making a difference.

Listening to Universities and Placement Providers

One example of our commitment to listening and understanding the needs of universities and placement providers is our collaborative approach to feedback. We actively engage with our customers, conducting surveys and holding regular meetings to gather insights. By listening attentively and incorporating their feedback into our platform, we ensure that Vygo remains a valuable resource for universities seeking to support placement students effectively.

Collaborative Strategies for Success

Through our partnerships, we have witnessed universities implementing collaborative strategies that foster a supportive environment for placement students. Here are some key insights we have gathered:

  1. Building Strong Relationships: For example, one of our partner universities established a close partnership with placement providers in the healthcare field. By fostering strong relationships, they ensured that placement students received the necessary support and guidance from both the university and the placement provider, leading to enhanced well-being and successful placement experiences.  One unexpected benefit of the partnership was recruiting mentors from the placement provider to support their careers service.

  2. Promoting Open Conversations: Another university in our network initiated a well-being workshop encouraging open conversations among students, staff, and placement providers. By promoting a culture of dialogue, they created a safe space for students to discuss their mental health concerns and seek the support they needed, resulting in improved well-being outcomes.  They also ran targeted group events through Vygo to support well-being.

  3. Tailoring Support Services: One of our customer universities recognized the diverse needs of their placement students and implemented a personalized approach to support. They developed individualized well-being plans for each student, considering their specific challenges and providing tailored support services such as counselling, mentoring, and workshops. This tailored approach empowered students to thrive during their placements.  Some placements will naturally be more stressful than others and require different levels of support.

  4. Empowering Peer Mentoring: Vygo's platform was pivotal in facilitating peer mentoring initiatives at various universities. For instance, one university created a dedicated online community on Vygo, where placement students could connect with experienced peers for guidance and support. This peer mentoring network became a valuable resource, offering mentorship, sharing experiences, and fostering a sense of belonging among placement students.  They also connected students to mentors who had already completed a placement, which helped reduce students' anxiety levels and build the skills and confidence needed to succeed.

  5. Providing Clear Communication Channels: In collaboration with our partner universities, Vygo developed streamlined communication channels to enhance support for placement students. For example, we implemented a centralized support group within our platform where students, university staff, and placement providers could easily connect and share important information. This transparent communication channel facilitated access to support services, ensuring a seamless support structure for students.

The Impact of Good Practice

Through Vygo's collaboration with universities and our dedication to supporting placement students, we have witnessed the positive impact of implementing good practices. Our customers have reported increased student satisfaction, improved mental well-being, and higher retention rates among placement students. By prioritizing mental health and well-being, universities set a strong foundation for students to excel in their placements and future careers.


The stories we have heard and the insights we have gained from our customers inspire us to continue our mission of empowering universities to support students. Together with our partner institutions, we can make a real difference in the lives of these students, ensuring that they have the resources, support, and guidance they need to thrive during their placements and beyond. We look forward to further collaboration and sharing more success stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. How can universities ensure the mental well-being of placement students?

Universities can prioritize the mental well-being of placement students by implementing various strategies. These include building strong relationships with placement providers, promoting open conversations about mental health, tailoring support services to individual needs, empowering peer mentoring networks, and establishing clear communication channels for ongoing support.

2. What is the role of peer mentoring in supporting placement students?

Peer mentoring is crucial in supporting placement students by providing them with guidance, emotional support, and a sense of belonging. Peer mentors, who are experienced students, offer valuable insights and advice based on their own placement experiences. This peer-to-peer support network helps alleviate stress, boost confidence, and foster a supportive environment for placement students.

3. How can universities communicate effectively with students, staff, and placement providers?

Effective communication can be achieved by implementing streamlined communication channels. Universities can leverage platforms like Vygo to create centralized communication hubs where students, university staff, and placement providers can easily connect and share important information. This transparent communication fosters clear check-ins, enables efficient absence reporting, and ensures easy access to support services, creating a seamless support structure for placement students.

4. What impact do good support practices have on placement students?

Implementing good support practices has a positive impact on placement students. It enhances their overall satisfaction, improves their mental well-being, and increases retention rates. When universities prioritize support, students feel valued, empowered, and better equipped to navigate the challenges they may face during their placements. This, in turn, leads to a more successful and fulfilling placement experience.

5. How does Vygo contribute to supporting placement students?

Vygo plays a significant role in supporting placement students by providing a platform that facilitates peer mentoring, streamlined communication, and personalized support. Through Vygo, universities can create online communities where students connect with experienced peers for guidance and support. The platform also offers centralized communication channels, making it easier for students, university staff, and placement providers to stay connected and ensure effective support throughout the placement journey.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready to help you out.

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