Vygo Attending the Online Learning Summit 2023

University of Leeds

Leaders, innovators, and advocates of online learning from all over the world are gathering for the first-ever Online Learning Summit hosted by the University of Leeds in the summer of 2023. James Grew and Hannah Gardner from #Vygo are among the esteemed attendees, bringing with them their passion for education and strong belief in the power of mentorship. They are thrilled to explore how Vygo's innovative platform can contribute to the online learning ecosystem and help attendees tap into their full potential.

Revolutionising Online Learning with Peer Mentoring
As the Online Learning Summit sets out to reimagine online learning through design and innovation, there is immense potential for Vygo's peer mentoring platform. Vygo connects students with experienced mentors who provide guidance, support, and knowledge sharing. Vygo empowers learners to overcome challenges, develop new skills, and achieve their academic goals by facilitating personalised one-on-one interactions.

Creating Design Ecosystems
One of the summit's key themes is creating design ecosystems for online education. Vygo recognizes the importance of incorporating peer mentoring into the design process. With Vygo's user-friendly platform, our partners enhance the overall learning experience by integrating mentorship seamlessly into online courses, fostering a supportive student environment.

Extending Accessibility
Accessibility is another critical aspect of online education, and Hannah believes that peer mentoring can play a vital role in this area. By providing tailored support, mentors can assist students with diverse learning needs, ensuring that they have equal opportunities to succeed. Vygo's commitment to inclusivity aligns perfectly with the summit's focus on extending accessibility in online learning.

Enabling Lifelong Learning
Lifelong learning is crucial in today's rapidly evolving world, and James sees Vygo as a catalyst for fostering a culture of continuous learning. By connecting students with industry-experience mentors, Vygo enables learners to acquire practical knowledge, gain insights into different career paths, and develop skills beyond the classroom. This aligns perfectly with the summit's aim of enabling lifelong learning.

Collaboration for a Reimagined Ecosystem
James and Hannah are excited to collaborate with other participants at the Online Learning Summit, including renowned speakers and experts in the field. They believe that by joining forces, they can collectively shape the future of online education. Through sharing ideas, best practices, and experiences, they hope to inspire innovative approaches and create a reimagined ecosystem that benefits learners worldwide.

The Online Learning Summit 2023 at the University of Leeds promises to be a groundbreaking event for the online education community.  Vygo is thrilled to attend and contribute its expertise in peer mentoring to the discussions and sessions. As they delve into the summit's themes of design ecosystems, accessibility, and lifelong learning, James and Hannah aim to collaborate with our partners to understand better how Vygo's platform can revolutionize online education by empowering students through personalized mentoring. The summit will pave the way for a brighter future in online learning by fostering collaboration and innovation.  

Vygo will be running its Champions Coffee Podcast recordings to capture the excitement of the event and record episodes with some of the great leaders in attendance.

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