New Tutor App Features: Semester 1, 2019

You’re back! We’re back!

Well, tbh we never left. Not everyone gets three months of holidays, okay! (We’re not bitter, you’re bitter).

Anyway. We missed you guys, and so have been working hard in the semester break to make Vygo (your go-to uni cash cow!) EVEN BETTER.

We know. Impossible, but hear us out. Here’s what was updated in the break!

Give Writing Feedback

Possibly one of our most in-demand features “Writing Feedback” is now available at select university partners.

Under the “Services” tab you may now offer this service to your peers. Just send us a message in your “Inbox” and we’ll help you set it up.

Best. Feature. Ever. Amiright?

General Tutoring

Course-specific tutoring is great, but sometimes students just need exam and assignment help, well, in general.

Also available under the “Services” tab, students can now search and find tutors adept in English, Writing, Math, Science, and Business.

You need only add this service to your offering to expand your availability.


Offer your first 30 minutes free

Are you a new tutor or perhaps low on experience? Stand out from the crowd and increase new bookings by offering your first 30 minutes free!

If you’re good (as we’re sure you are!) they’ll want more.

Answer questions for free

Similar to the concept above, you can now also opt-in to answer questions for free.

Sometimes you gotta try before they buy!

Connect with our employer partners

Fast track your career by connecting with our employer partners through the “Account” tab.

Need we say more? Probably ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

End sessions automatically

Keep forgetting to click “End Session”? Avoid the drama and opt-in to end your session automatically!


Easy, breezy, beautiful new interface

New year, new Vygo! #3yearchallenge

Our interface is always changing and this semester you may notice we’re slightly sexier than usual. Or you may not. Whatever, we don’t need your validation (we do).

That’s enough for now! Give us a shout if you have any feedback on how we can improve the app or just shower us in compliments in general.

Just one last question before we go:

Does this UI make us look fat?

Can’t find any of these features in the app or need help in general? Shoot us a message through the app (“Inbox” > “Chat with Vygo”), we’re always happy to help! 

Search for tutors who have aced your exact class using the Vygo app. Better yet, become one and be your own boss.

Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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