How To Book A Tutoring Session On Vygo

Supporting university students with exam and assignment help is at the core of what we do, and the app that connects students with tutors is how we make this possible. Here’s a condensed guide on how to book a Vygo tutoring session.

Step 1

Open the app

Once registered, click the “Services” tab and either search for a tutor using the class specific “Course Tutoring” or an English, Writing, Math, Science or Business tutor using the “General Tutoring” tab.

Step 2

Add a course

In the “Course Tutoring” tab, search for a relevant tutor by adding your class code in the “Add Another Course” tab.

Step 3

Pick a tutor

Once your class code has been entered, relevant tutors who tutor this class will appear on the screen. If there is more than one tutor available, you can sort the tutors using the “Preferred” (an amalgamation of price, rating, grade and reviews), “Rating” or “Price” filters.

If no tutors yet exist for this course code, Vygo will make note of your request and notify you as soon as a tutor becomes available. Alternatively, you may find general help using the “General Tutoring” and “Writing Feedback” tabs.

Step 4

Book a session

Once a suitable tutor has been found, click on and review their profile before either messaging the tutor or requesting a session by selecting “Request session”. You will be prompted to add your “Payment details” at this point if they have not yet done so in “Account” tab.  

The tutor will then either “Accept” or “Decline” the session. Location, time and specifics of what you need help with can be arranged through the in-app chat function.

Step 5

Attend the session

You and the tutor will meet at the prearranged time and location (in person on or off campus or offline via Skype), the tutor will click “Start session” in their app, you will confirm that the session has started in your app, and the tutor will hit “Complete session” when the session finishes. You will then charged for the session based on the time recorded and the tutor’s hourly rate.

Step 6

You leave a rating and review of the tutor

You will then be encouraged to leave a rating and review of your tutor and to book another session in the app. If you have any questions or concerns about the session or how Vygo works, you can contact our support team anytime through the app using the “Inbox” and “Chat to Vygo” tab.

Search for tutors who have aced your exact class using the Vygo app.

Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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