How Tutors Get Paid

A Vygo tutor will be asked to nominate their preferred bank account for session earnings when completing their profile.

Once a student and tutor meet up, either one or both users will start the session in the app by selecting “Start session”. This then automatically records the length of the session. Once the session is finished and a user has selected “Stop session”, the student will be automatically charged. The tutor then receives payment for that session within one business day via bank transfer.

If a student or tutor forget to start the session, the session is automatically cancelled. A user can then go into that session on the app and select “I forgot to start the session”. A member of the Vygo team will then review their request and process the session manually.

The minimum payment for a session is 15 minutes of the tutor’s hourly rate, after which a student will then be charged in five minute increments.

Do you still have questions? Chat wit Vygo team using the “Inbox” tab. Visit our website to download the app.

Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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