6 Ways To Increase Your Bookings As A Tutor

Are you a tertiary level tutor looking to increase your student bookings? Beyond signing up on the Vygo platform and relying on our own internal and external marketing strategies, the best tutors are proactive tutors.

Here are our top six tips for how you can market yourself as a university tutor.

1. Post in relevant Facebook groups

Find the Facebook group for the subject you tutor e.g. “CIVIL3141, Semester 2, 2019”, join that group and let students know that you are a tutor on the Vygo service. Just make sure you read the group rules beforehand to make sure this is allowed.

Posting in class specific groups, one week out from test or exam periods, produces the best results. It’s all about posting in the right places, at the right time.

2. Post an ad on Gumtree

Tutor ads on Gumtree work best with a concept such as “Calculus” or “Civil Engineering” in the title and class code in the description.

Here is an example of a well-written ad:

Tip: re-post the ad every couple of months to help it stay “recent”.

3. Offer your first 30 minutes free

This semester we have added a feature in which you can opt-in to offer new students your first 30-minutes free. This is great tool if you’re new to the platform and need ratings or reviews.

It also breaks down the barrier to entry for students who are hesitant in taking a financial risk before experiencing a session with you.

4. Answer questions for free in the app

This is another feature new to Semester 1, 2019 which may help you get those first reviews and ratings therefore climb higher in the rankings.

5. The best way to get more sessions is to keep customers

Truth! At the end of a session, ask your student if they’d like to book in another session or follow up with them the next day with a message in the app. The sooner you do it the more likely you are to get another session with that same student.

E.g., “Hey Ash! I hope the session went well today. I just want to recap we went through these five things: X. If you need anymore help with them, I’m more than happy to go through that and, as you said in the session, these next topics: X. Would you like to book in another and/or recurring Tuesday session?”

6. Encourage your student to bring a friend along

Group tutoring not only increases your reach but it can also reduce the cost of a session for your student if money is an issue.

That’s it! Happy tutoring.

Do you have any tips for how to increase bookings as a tutor? Let us know in the comments below and help grow our list!

Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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