6 Calorie-Laden Foods Available On Campus To Get You Through Exam Block

Now if you think this article is going to be full of healthy, brain-powered foods that help boost your memory, Taylor, Imma ask you to avert your judgey eyes as we (them basic bitches) discuss those late-night, just-hand-me-a-Snickers-and-no-one-gets-hurt exam food and drinks available on Vygo campus’ in Queensland and Victoria. Let’s go!

1. Guzman Y Gomez

My brain is fried. You can’t really expect me to concentrate without a burrito in my hand and cheese fries in my stomach—I mean really, what kind of monster ARE YOU??

Guzman Y Gomez (or GYG as the kool kidz call it) is not just another chain—it’s an institution and I’ll be damned if you get between me and Free Burrito Day (= LIFE).

GYG is available on campus at the University of Queensland St Lucia, Queensland University of Technology Garden Point, Griffith University Gold Coast and Monash University Clayton. Image: GYG.

2. Bubble teahowever it comes

OK, technically not a “food”… but whatever. Gong Cha, Chatime, Bubble Cup I don’t care where (OK but really Gong Cha is the best) but get me a Caramel Milk Tea with pearls and get it now intern!

Oh wait, I am the intern …

Chatime is available on campus at the UQ St Lucia and nearby Griffith South Bank and Mt Gravatt, a myriad of bubble tea joints are nearby QUT Gardens Point (including Gong Cha!) and Bubble Cup is available on campus at Monash Caulfield. Image: Chatime.

3. Baked beans, from the can.

OK, not technically available on campus and definitely in the lazy student’s backpack. Look now. It’s no GYG but it’s delicious and cheap. And and YOU’RE NOT MY MUM.

Heinz though, not homebrand. Manma didn’t raise no fool.

Heinz baked beans are available … everywhere (duh). Image: Heinz.

4. Mi Goreng

An Aussie student classic, also lunch box fodder. What do you think I’m made of money? Mi Goreng Instant Noodles is the epitome of #unilife (lyf? LYFE?? OK life).

Mi Goreng is available at Coles, Woolies and Asian grocers. Image: Urban List.

5. Boost Juice

Classic Boost (also technically not a food … BUT WHATEVER). Look, it’s not the Noughties anymore and sure a burger’d be nice but I’m in a hurry and it’s Summer, so let’s save the sit down meals with friends for post-exam celebrations. Aight?

Sure the price of Boost has steadily climbed into the realm of unaffordability for a student, but it’s delicious and worth joining up as a Vibe Club even if only for your free Birthday Boost!

Boost Juice is available on campus at UQ St Lucia, QUT Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point; nearby Griffith Nathan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank; and on campus at Monash Clayton.  

6. Pizza

Quick, easy, cheesey! Pizza is cheap, shareable and available at weird hours. In fact, it’s so omnipresent in Western culture we kind of forget it’s there until someone points it out as the obvious solution in our most desperate, ravenous hour.

Find pizza at the Pizza Caffe UQ St Lucia, Pizza Capers QUT Kelvin Grove, Cafe Rossa Griffith Gold Coast and Nathan, Cafe Enternet Griffith Nathan, M28 Griffith Mt Gravatt, The Brook Griffith Logan and Joe’s Pizzeria Monash Clayton. Also holla at Dominos or UberEats delivery. Image: Dominos.

Special mention: Coffee.

‘Nuff said.

Did we miss your favourite food? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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