The One Thing (OK Two) No One Tells You About University

In your first year of university, there are many things you discover for the first time that no one told you. Like how deadlines actually matter, self-motivation is key and finding your way, and your people, will take time.

And while first-year lecturers may tell you to “look left and look right” before scaring you with drop-out, degree-swapping or unemployment statistics, the one thing no one tells you about University is how to increase your likelihood of graduating. Not in practical, concrete terms.

So if you’re set on obtaining that piece of parchment, throwing your hat in the air and making your parents proud, whatever your motivation, listen closely.

Study full-time and study on campus.

Do this and you may increase your likelihood of graduating by 40%, as demonstrated by non-Indigenous men who moved from remote Western Australia to a metro area, according to Australian public policy think-tank The Grattan Institute.

Of course this is not to say that you can’t graduate if you’re a part-time or remote but it’s helpful to know the majority of students in this position will struggle.

Other factors that increase a student’s likelihood to graduate include being female and under 21-years-old, while more anecdotal research recommends attending class, not procrastinating, managing your time well and avoiding transferring degrees (often resulting in a loss of credit).

Perhaps many, or all of these factors are outside of your control but perhaps they’re not. If you’re starting university this year, next year or have friends or family members planning to attend it’s not too late to know the facts and either change your plans or go in with your eyes wide open and a determination to stick it to the statistics!

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Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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