Meet The Aussie Undergrads Kicking Grade Goals With Vygo

Meet Holly, Maddy, Kieran, Mina, Laura, and Nicholas—Australian university undergraduates kicking goals with Vygo, a peer tutoring service!

“My Data Analysis course was scaring the hell out of me and a tutor on Facebook told me about the Vygo app. My tutor had taken Data Analysis super recently which was much better than just getting a math tutor on Gumtree.

“Working with her saved me a lot of stress and time instead of sitting there alone and getting upset. I ended up on a GPA of 6 which I never thought I’d achieve in a math subject! This is such a good service and I don’t think enough people know about it yet.”—Holly

“The Vygo service is great for students, it made accessing tutoring on a student budget friendly for me. I ended up getting two tutors so I could get multiple perspectives and both were awesome. I get anxiety going into math exams and my tutors helped me perform better.”—Maddy

“I work full time, so I needed help out of hours. My tutor could always help right when I needed it. I was struggling with this class and thought I was going to fail, Vygo’s tutoring service is the only reason I passed this class.

“I have dropped out of this unit twice already, and both times, life just threw me a curveball. I went to all the tutorials and tried a support service called Stimulate, but the hours didn’t quite work, and it just wasn’t enough.

“I haven’t had a tutor before, it was just way too expensive and hard to find. This service helped me find the extra help I needed, without it I would have failed this class, 100%. Uni seemed like a jumble, my tutor just helped me put the pieces back together.”—Kieran

“I am an international student, using Vygo really helped me understand the context. I didn’t just struggle with concepts, but understanding what was actually required was hard.

“My tutor absolutely improved my confidence. I have recommended the service to all my friends and will definitely use it every semester until I graduate.”—Mina

“I haven’t studied for 15 years, I have two kids, work part-time and I felt like I started the semester behind everyone else. I went to all the support services I could find at the times I could make but sometimes I just needed that extra one-on-one help.

“I looked up tutoring everywhere, but it was just out of my budget. Vygo’s tutoring service meant I could actually afford the help I needed and without it I don’t know if I would have passed my class. I failed my first test but ended up with a distinction because of this initiative.”—Laura

“I was struggling with all aspects of my class and it was looking like I was going to fail. I needed some additional support to what was available my uni’s student services. I didn’t think there were any other support channels for me until I found the Vygo tutoring program.

“My tutor had previously taken the class and was able to sit with me and break down all parts of the coursework into simple bite-sized pieces. I definitely got a better grade because of her and I would recommend this for any university student who is struggling.”—Nicholas

Search for tutors who have aced your exact class or become a tutor on the Vygo app.

Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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