Meet The Aussie Peer Tutors Making Money With Vygo

Meet Hayley, Alexandra, Nick, Arpit, Kayla and Kasun—the Vygo tutors making money by guiding their peers through university classes they’ve recently mastered!

“When you’re studying it’s easy to get carried away in the stress of study and just rush an assignment to get it finished. The value in my classes became much clearer when I was tutoring them.

“The app makes the process of tutoring much easier, it takes out the awkwardness of money! I also volunteer with the other uni support services, I always point students to the free services first, but they aren’t always enough. Whether it’s out of hours, last minute or just additional help, this service gives students that extra confidence they need.”—Hayley

“I love the flexibility, I have never been able to pick and choose when I can work. The uni support services are great, but those services can’t be 24/7. The app is cool because I could help students in their late night freak-outs and on weekends.”—Alexandra

“I had never considered being a tutor until I heard about Vygo. Having the chance to teach students helped me learn the concepts better than learning them in class. It also gave me a chance to earn extra money on campus and relieve some financial stress.

“I’m thankful that my university took on this initiative, it further demonstrated to me how much they care about the students.”—Nick

“I’ve never had the confidence to start tutoring but I liked that I could offer my first session for free so I could try it out. My first session was great so I kept going with it. Tutoring others actually built my own confidence. I noticed that the app kept improving throughout the semester which was cool.

“I think it’s an important service because students often struggle with the basics and are nervous to go to the university for help but this creates a safe space for them to reach out.”—Arpit

“Before this I didn’t think tutoring was an option for me because I had no idea how to get started. The service gave me a way to jump into it. Apart from helping them, it was also great being able to meet new people.

“I started seeing all my students around campus and I made some new friends out of it. I think the app gives students a way to seek help.”—Kayla

“I’ve had a lot of experience tutoring high school students but this is the best service for university students. Because it’s class specific, students can really find the right tutor for them. I was able to share all my strategies for my classes and managing university life.

“This also gave me a special opportunity to meet students from lots of different cultures, they were able to learn from me but I was also able to learn unique things from them which I’ve found important for my personal growth. I’ve been recommending this to a lot of students, I actually recommended my friend yesterday!”—Kasun

Search for tutors who have aced your exact class or become a tutor on the Vygo app.

Ashley T

Writer at Vygo

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