5 Part-time Uni Jobs That Actually Make Sense

The two-minute noodle and Passion Pop diet is real. Going to university doesn’t inherently make you poor but it’s definitely a common theme among students.

Finding a part-time gig is hard and finding a part-time gig that works around a university schedule is EVEN harder. I myself worked as a barista throughout uni, making sub-par coffee for sub-par people and often rocking up late to lectures sweaty and covered in coffee grinds.

I would always have to fight my boss for upping or lowering my shifts to fit with lecture and exam timetables.

However, the money is out there and flexible jobs do exist. After polling a group of past university students, here are the best ways to make money at uni outside of your field of study while still maintaining your sanity and social life.

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is the perfect job for students who achieve good grades. Teach what you’re learning and be your own boss. Vygo is the best platform for academic students to source and manage tutoring work.

2. After-hours cleaning

Cleaning corporate offices provides you with dependable hours outside of uni timetables and you’ll be able to listen back to lecture recordings as you do it! It’s not sexy but that cash and them grades are. Search for office jobs on Seek, Gumtree or AirTasker.

3. Event staff

Working for a large event staff company like Sidekicker allows you to work outside of uni hours and be very flexible with the amount of work you take on. This means you can say no to shifts during exam periods.

4. Markets

Working for a fruit stall at your local markets every Saturday morning works well for students because it gives you dependable hours and often pays cash in hand! Talk to business owners in person at the markets to enquire or get in touch with your favourite market stall businesses online.

5. Food delivery

With the success of Uber EATS, Deliveroo and Foodora there is a plethora of job opportunities for students willing to clock up some kilometers on their bicycle in the evenings. Fresh air, exercise and a wage? Sounds perfect.

Of course, before committing to a job, you should explore your ability to receive scholarships and/or Centrelink (free money is the best money). Finding out if you’re actually eligible for Centrelink will probably be the hardest endeavour you’ve ever undertaken but push through it! Between your friends and Centrelink staff there’s a lot of bad information out there so make sure you get at least three no’s before giving up.

In regards to scholarships, comb through all of your university, faculty, student union and society web pages. You will be surprised how many amazing scholarships are out there. Free money alone is a great deal but getting some form of scholarship in your early years can often give you an easy pathway straight into a full-time graduate job.

If you have any ideas for other perfect uni jobs or money making tips (outside of becoming a crypto billionaire) please let us know. We’d love to grow this list for other students, so give us a shout out on social media #vygo #unijobs

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