The Best Apps for University Students 2018

There are a million apps and websites on the market for university students and they all talk a big game but what services are students actually finding useful? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite apps and websites.

Collaboration – Facebook

Although it’s not as cool as it used to be, Facebook is still the number one way students collaborate with each other. There are thousands of university facebook groups with everything from groups for your current classes to share notes and news, groups for every different society through to ultra-massive cross-university meme groups like Student Problems (our favourite). If you’re worried about always getting distracted by the endless Facebook news feed, there are plenty of tools to block out the social side (like this one).


Document WritingG-Suite

Microsoft Office is definitely the default and most reliable document creating tool but it can’t beat the simplicity and accessibility of Google’s G-Suite. Microsoft can often be free while you’re at uni (check your universities website for this) however G-Suite will be free for life. It usually only takes a few clicks to share and collaborate on documents with your friends. Some groups even use it to take lecture notes simultaneously. One major downside of G-Suite is that without internet it is completely useless.


Graphic Designing Canva

If you haven’t heard of Canva yet, get on it and don’t tell your friends because you’ll leave them always wondering why all your stuff (documents, images, graphes and invites) looks 10x cooler looking than theirs. With a sweet of very easy to use tools and thousands of amazing templates, Canva makes a graphic designer out of all of us. Canva are also an Australian start-up, go us!


Way FindingLost on Campus

If it’s your first year at uni you’ll probably spend a ridiculous amount of time looking confused on campus. Most universities have their own mobile app maps but for those unis who don’t, your best option is an app called Lost on Campus.


File sharingGoogle Drive

Let’s face it, over the course of a university degree you’re going to have thousands documents and files. There are a lot of file storage sites with the same functionality but Google Drive consistently outperforms the rest. We recommend developing a disciplined folder structure from your first semester, trust us, by fourth year you’ll be so grateful you did.


Writing SkillsGrammarly

Suck a grammar? More of a math person? As a former engineering student I totally hear you. Grammarly is your key to not embarrassing yourself. Grammarly takes off where spell check ends. It checks over your work as you go and helps you develop your writing skills.



If you’re someone like me who loves working to music or white noise Spotify is your best friend. There are so many beautifully curated playlists specifically for university students. At Vygo we love the Beast Mode playlist for pumping out solid hours of focussed work. There aren’t many apps we would recommend purchasing the premium version of but Spotify is definitely one of them. Pro tip – Buy a family account and share the cost between a friends.


MindfulnessSmiling Mind

Mindfulness is becoming more and more recognised as one of the best ways to get the best performance out of your brain. Smiling Mind is a free mobile app with heaps of guided mindfulness sessions ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. We recommend trying to fit in at least 10 minutes of mindfulness every morning before class.


Class HelpVygo

What sort of blog would this be without a shameful plug for ourselves at Vygo! In all honesty though, it’s our mission at Vygo to deliver the BEST tutoring marketplace for university students. Vygo helps university students connect with peers who have aced their exact classes at a price that’s actually affordable for a student budget. With a drop-out rate of ¼ university students, a $15 investment in sitting down with a past student who has succeeded with your class, your lecturer and your exams is invaluable and much better than paying $1000 to retake a failed course. Also if you succeed in your classes you can earn income by being a Vygo tutor yourself.


Making some quick cashAirtasker

If you need to pick some extra $$$ quickly, Airtasker may be one of your best options. With Airtasker people can post odd jobs they need help with and other people can bid for the work. Jobs could range from handing out flyers, painting a fence or setting up ikea furniture all the way to picking up a gatorade for a hungover neighbour.


If you have any apps or websites that you absolutely love and think we should add to the list please send them through to us via social media!  #vygo #uniapps